About Clive the Magician



Clive began his career in entertaining way back in 1989, serving his apprenticeship in the uncompromising world of London comedy clubs and culminating in many appearances on TV's 'Stand-Up Live'.

1992 saw Clive move into the slightly more sophisticated world of corporate after-dinner speaking (well, the heckling was more sophisticated anyway!). His career in the corporate sector as an after-dinner comic was hugely successful and he travelled the country to appear for Rolls Royce, BMW and Nissan to name but a few. As the show became more streamlined and the humour more subtle, Clive was able to tailor shows to individual audiences with many a director wondering how Clive came to know so much about his misadventures and the rest of the staff loving every minute of it!


Clive at Hamworthy Golf Club, Poole


Since 2001, the magic show had grown and grown. Audience participation is now the most popular part with both corporate and private audiences. Who doesn't want to see the 'boss' in the guillotine? Or left to levitate in mid-air? Clive can include any number from one to ten 'glamorous' assistants from the audience and he is always happy to hear any special requests.


Clive Greenaway
Member of Equity
Wessex Magic Circle


Clive's best endorsement to date: after a birthday remembrance lunch for Tommy Cooper in Caerphilly, his daugther Vicky gives her seal of approval
"A very magical performance!"



Click on the image to see Judy's magic touch

Clive with Richard & Judy at television studio 'Just Like That!'


Appearances on TV followed with 'Richard & Judy', 'The Big Breakfast' and 'The Time... The Place'. He even gave a special presentation for the Labour Party in Coventry as they celebrated 100 years of the motorcar.

As a boy, Clive developed a love of magic, press-ganging family and friends into assisting him with his tricks. In fact, so many limbs were 'severed' in his house, Sweeney Todd would have been proud. Although magic has always been a part of his life, it wasn't until 2001 that he started using it in his act. It began almost accidentally. He had a booking to perform at an annual conference for a brewery and thought they might enjoy the famous 'glass-bottle, bottle-glass' routine. They cried with laughter! Gradually, more and more illusions crept into the show and have been so popular with audiences that Clive now presents a completely magical show.




Clive telling Prince Philip his favourite Tommy Cooper gag at St. James's Palace


Clive always keeps the breweries in suspense