Press Photos...



Three of Tommy's biggest fans: Ken Dodd, President of Blackpool's Magic Circle poses in the picture


Clive vanishes a silk for his helicopter pilot in the Grand Canyon


With Nicolas Parsons, "Jus' Like That!"


Barry Cryer telling Clive his favourite TC iron bar joke


TC's cousin Betty, Clive and TC's daughter Vikcy ready for the guillotine effect


People often ask me: "Do I hide anything behind ny ears?"


Foodini invited to a private party


Clive and Japan's Magic legends Fukai, his wife and Mahka Tendo


Clive with Julie, Party Planner and Organiser: "Not only is he a very funny close-up and stage magician, he's also punctual, professional and personnable. That's why I've already booked him seven times in the last 18 months!"


A signed card magically springs into the air at the click of the fingers


Clive can be ready at a minute's call as shown in this picture taken on the Strip in Las Vegas


After a Tommy Cooper Lunch, Stan Stennet MBE says: "You're a natural comedian, jus' like me!"


Harry Fowler remembers Tommy very fondly


With Benny Hill's Angel Sue Upton: Does Clive know she likes slapping bald heads?...


The short one's Ali Bongo


"Have you got any cigars, Yorick?"


Pub landlord Al Murrey wants to know whether it's "Glass-Bottle" or "Bottle-Glass"


Clive performing with sponge balls to 2 Polish girls showing that Magic knows no barriers


For that very special occasion, Clive can do a quick magical change into the super-hero Cooperman


What do you call a camel with three humps?